Barahona, Dominican Republic

Sulphur Grove United Methodist Church has a Mission Heart. It starts with our Mission Statement, “growing disciples, living and sharing God’s Love”Barahona

Beginning in 2003 we have had several mission teams journey to Barahona, Dominican Republic. While there, our missionaries have provided medical, nursing, building and construction, English language and dental services. Most of these services are provided to individuals living in small villages (called bateys) where they make a subsistence living harvesting sugar cane and sometimes bananas.Barahona DR-Orphanage-300x225

Although we have a “core group” of individuals who have been to Barahona many times, we regularly welcome in new missionaries to go for the first time. I will speak for the group when I say that this mission work is a life changing experience!

Barahona DR-Drodge-Room3-300x225