Our mission in the SG Nursery Taylorsville campus is to show and teach the love of Jesus to all of our babies and children. During worship services we provide a safe, loving environment where the children can play with toys, have a small snack, and share bible stories and songs.  We offer two rooms with age-appropriate toys and equipment for infants and toddlers, and also a child-sized potty for toddlers going through training. nursery 4

On Sundays the nursery is available to children first service 0-6 years and during second service it is available for children 0-4 years because second service has Children’s Church for children 4 and up.  Please speak with any nursery worker about how we can best help your family’s needs, we are here to serve you! Childcare is also available to children 0-12 for evening meetings, events, and activities that have been arranged with the Childcare Coordinator ahead of time.


Our nursery is located in the lower level of the building, near enough to the sanctuary for comfort but far enough we don’t provide a distraction with all the fun we have!nursery 3

From the Gathering Area outside the sanctuary  just go down the hall to the lower level and turn right, you can’t miss us, we’re the first door on the right.

 What to expect

Nursery staff usually arrive at least 15 minutes before each service but parents and children are welcome to make themselves at home anytime before the staff arrives or between services. Just inside the main door we have pegs on the wall for hanging diaper bags and jackets or coats. There is also a refrigerator if you need to store milk or other drinks or food for your child. Please be sure to let us know if your child has any special dietary needs or allergies.nursery 2

We use a silent pager system for keeping in touch with parents if they are needed during the service. We love to play with our kids so please be sure to introduce yourself and your child if we don’t immediately greet you because we’re building a tower of blocks! We keep a sign-in sheet by the refrigerator and pagers can be picked up there as well.

At the end of the service please let a nursery worker know that you’re back and ready to pick up your child. We will collect your pager and remove your child’s name from our sign-in sheet.Nursery 1

 More Information

If you would like more information or want to contact our childcare coordinator please visit the Staff page for contact information.