Henderson Settlement

One of Sulphur Grove’s mission partnerships is Henderson Settlement, located in Frakes, Kentucky.Henderson01

The settlement began in 1925 when a nearby pastor saw the need for a school. With the support of the Methodist Board of Missions, dormitories and a church were built. In the 1930′s a farm, sawmill, and gristmill were added to help support the settlement. In the late 1950′s the school was incorporated into the public school system and the focus was shifted to the war on poverty. While the settlement has seen many changes over the years, its core mission of meeting the needs of the people of Appalachia has not. Some of today’s programs include Youth Ministries, a Food Pantry, Community Aid, Senior Care, MIHOW (maternal infant health outreach worker), and a Thrift Store that provides low to no cost clothing and household goods to around 400 area families. There are also several Agricultural programs which include Adopt a Calf, Orchards, Greenhouses, and the Appalachia grow program that helps locals plant and take care of vegetable gardens.Henderson03

Volunteer work teams from all over the country come to work both on campus and in the community. This past April Sulphur Grove’s third mission team worked in the greenhouses, helping sort donations in the thrift store, and to seal coating driveways on campus. We have also worked out in the community on area homes replacing windows, painting, roofing, and some general repairs.

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to share Gods love and many blessings he has given us with those in need. If you feel God calling you to missions please consider joining our team.


2017 Henderson Team
2017 Henderson Team

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