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Loss of Health

Good morning Dear Ones. I saw this article this morning, themighty.com/2016/12/grief-timeline-getting-sick/ and it hit a nerve. Usually by this time of year I have made 6 kinds of candy and truffles, wrapped all the presents, and enjoyed all the church services and family parties. But I look around and I have to accept those things won’t happen this year. My own health issues have not allowed it.

This year I have watched a loved one decline into dementia. It started years ago and she was in the beginning phase until one day she wasn’t . Like a light switch. It has been hard to watch, I can’t imagine how hard it must be to actually go through dementia. She grabs her head shakes it saying she is going crazy. I’m sure it must feel that way. The person she was is gone. I grieve that, And I fear how much harder this could get.

Whether you are grieving the loss of your own health or someone you loves health, please know that there are people you can turn to who will understand. Please reach out. You don’t have to go through this alone. Your loss is real.

Love to you!

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