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Hey everyone!

The Family Christmas Party was great last night, I can’t wait for
Christmas!!! This week is the overnight. It will be tons of fun, so don’t
miss it! We will meet at Taylorsville at 8pm and head to the Y for some
water games, so bring your swimsuit and towel! The overnight will end at
7am Saturday morning, so please make sure your parents are aware of the
time!! I need to make it all the way home before I fall asleep and I can
only stay awake for so long J

During the overnight, we will be making all the almonds you all sold, so if
you sold almonds, you have to be there to help make them! Also, if you have
not already turned in a permission slip or are bringing friends that don’t
have one, make sure you bring it Friday.

For those in the band, we will be having band practice at 1pm on Sunday
after choir is over.there will be lunch.

See you all then!


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