Scholarship Ministry

Need help with scholarships?

Finding them, completing them?

This ministry can help!

Just need some time and a place to work on scholarship applications?

Need someone to talk with about the process?

How to connect with the Ministry Team:

  • New students added each quarterin September, January, April, and July.
  • Students in grades 7 through 12 and those already in college may join the ministry.
  • Space is limited each quarter to 5 new students.
  • Send email to to request information

Note: Information collected is for use by the ministry team to insure we have the resources to support each student.

Our Vision

To aid students and their parents/guardians in research and preparation for secondary education.


  • To aid students and parents/guardians in finding scholarships for secondary education*
  • To aid students with essays and/or answering questions
  • To aid students and parents/guardians with FAFSA submissions
  • To aid students and parents/guardians with other applications; College Credit Plus

*Secondary education is defined, for our purpose, as any post high school program, college, trade/business schools and training programs.

What you can expect from the Ministry Team:

  • Information on how to locate and choose scholarships which are a good fit for the student
  • Assist with the essay writing by providing tools to guide in the selection of topics and reviewers
  • Access to resources books with scholarships listings some general and some for specific groups and educational subjects
  • Access to information about scholarships to which others have applied
  • Prayers for you and your family through the search process

What is expected from the students:

  • Attend meetings as regularly as possible
  • Share information regarding scholarships with the team

Note: No personal information will be shared(only the scholarship and results).

Meetings are held the
Second Sunday of each month.
Room: 301
4:45 - 6 pm.
Youth Group follows in the Youth Roomdfdf

This ministry provided7505 Taylorsville Road
Huber Heights, Ohio 45424

for the Huber Heights Community

Interest in joining this ministry
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