Weddings at Sulphur Grove


The Christian Wedding is an act of worship in which the wedding party and their guests participate. An honest and sincere reverence is expected of all those who take part in such a service. Church Staff, Pastors, and Organist or Pianist will do all they can to create a genuine atmosphere of worship for your marriage ceremony. A carefully planned service can be a memorable occasion for all.Sancturary.jpg

No smoking is permitted anywhere in the church building. This includes the restrooms, Bride and Groom’s rooms, reception areas and sanctuary.

No alcohol is permitted anywhere in the church building or on the church grounds. The wedding or rehearsal will not be conducted when any member of the wedding party is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


It is important for the wedding party to know that they are not “renting” the building for a wedding. Rather, the church is agreeing to perform a marriage ritual according to its religious traditions, conducted by its clergy and staff. Every effort will be made to understand your desires for your wedding day, making the service especially suited to you, within the context of meaningful worship.


The first step is to register your date with the Church Office. Sulphur Grove Church’s calendar is usually filled far in advance of the actual building use, with church programs taking priority. However, when the church has established a definite date and time for your wedding, and you have confirmation with our office that date and time is reserved for you.  All weddings must be scheduled a minimum of three (3) months in advance of the actual wedding date.  The time of your wedding is negotiable. Please note the following occupancy limits:

Taylorsville Chapel – 100 persons
Taylorsville Sanctuary – 400 persons


Rehearsals begin at 6:00pm. It is vital all persons coming to the rehearsal: your wedding party, parents, grandparents, photographer, etc. to be prompt. The rehearsal cannot start until everyone is present.

Please plan on 1 1/4 hours for the rehearsal. This means 1 1/4 hours from the time we begin, not necessarily the time announced.


In the state of Ohio, a Marriage License is to be procured from the Probate Court by the couple. One of the couple must be a resident of Montgomery County or the wedding must take place in Montgomery County.  For more information please go to  or call 225-4656.

Call your county’s Marriage License Bureau at least two weeks before you go to apply for your license. Ask the following:

  • Exact location
  • Where to park
  • Least busy time of the day
  • Documentation needed
  • Fees (cash or check?)
  • When license may be picked up
  • If there is a waiting period

 The marriage license will be due to the church office two weeks prior to the wedding rehearsal.


  • No nails, tacks, screws or masking tape should be put on furniture or pews.
  • No glitter is permitted on any decoration or person.
  • Aisle runners are not permitted.

The church has candelabras, which you may use at no additional cost. There are 2 available that hold 7 candles each.  You will need to provide 14 candles, 12 inches tall.  They must be drip-less.  Drip-less candles are available at Furst Florist in Dayton.  Furst Florist is Sulphur Grove’s florist and has a key to the church.

  • Unity Candles are to be provided by the couple and should be brought to the rehearsal.
  • Pew bows are acceptable and are to be provided by the couple.  Please note that pew clips will not work due to the design of our pews. Pew bows can only be hung by looping the back side.
  • Sanctuary has 39 pews. (18 on right, 21 on left)
  • Chapel has 20 pews, 10 each side.


Fake rose petals are permitted for the flower girl to use inside the building.  It is your responsibility to see that all fake petals are picked up after the ceremony.

Rice, birdseed, and confetti are prohibited within the church and the immediate vicinity. Wedding bubbles blown outside the church are acceptable.


One of our pastors will officiate any wedding ceremony
performed at any campus of Sulphur Grove Church. An
outside minister may have a part in the ceremony, such as a
prayer or reading, only if the presiding minister approves. The
pastor will meet with you and to assist with tailoring your
wedding according to your special desires with worship
remaining the priority. The Pastor’s fee includes the rehearsal
and the ceremony itself. There will be four to six pre-marital
appointments with the couple by our wedding counselor for
the purpose of explaining further the meaning of Christian


The church has pianists, organists and soloists available to help provide music for your special day.  For organ music, a church approved organist must be used.  For piano, a church approved pianist may be used.  An outside pianist may be used if approval is obtained through the officiating pastor.  Soloists may be an outside professional, friend, family member or church musician.  Please note that soloists needing the church organist or pianist to play for them will need to be in touch with the organist or pianist far in advance of the wedding to schedule rehearsal times.  Other instrumental soloists (violin, harp, etc.) and string trios or quartets are also permitted.  To schedule the church organist, pianist and/or soloist, please contact the church office no later than 3 months prior to your wedding date to insure availability.


Please understand that there will be no flash pictures or special video lighting during the wedding ceremony.  Photographers and video technicians are to remain BEHIND the wedding guests throughout the time of worship. Infractions would be considered inappropriate within the worship setting and may result in the presiding pastor requesting that the said persons leave the sanctuary or chapel. The processional and recessional may be photographed using flash photography.  Arrangements may be made for the taking of formal pictures before and/or after the wedding ceremony.  Photographers and video technicians are required to sign and return a Statement of Understanding at least one week prior to your wedding date. This statement will express our requirements and acknowledgement of their understanding of such.  The name and address of photographing and video technicians should be supplied to the church office as soon as possible.


The Sound Technician is needed to set-up and run the lighting and the sound system.  The sound system is for CD music and microphones for soloists, musicians and speakers.  The sound system can be used instead of the organist/pianist or in addition to the organist/pianist.  Contact the church office to let them know what you will need and for scheduling of the Sound Technician.


The Wedding Coordinator is required by the Pastor to assist him/her in the many details concerning a wedding. The coordinator will be present the night of the rehearsal and the day of the wedding. Their duties consist of assisting the pastor with whatever is necessary such as: coordinating ushers; briefing photographers; setting up the receiving line; giving directions; assisting with special seating and escorting special guests; and unlocking doors.  You can let the wedding coordinator know at the rehearsal what time you need the church open on your wedding day.


Our weekly cleaning service is scheduled Monday through Friday. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a custodian to come in and clean after weddings so things are ready for worship on Sunday mornings.


Sulphur Grove has two halls that can be rented for your reception.  The Fellowship Hall is limited to 79 persons and the Activity Center is limited to 230 persons. The reception hall deposit will be refunded in full contingent that the hall and/or kitchen is left satisfactory according to the signed agreement. Alcohol is prohibited. DJ and dancing are permitted. A warming Kitchen is available for use. A Kitchen Coordinator and Custodian are required for all receptions.

Sanctuary (also acts as church deposit)
‘this is non-refundable’
Chapel (also acts as church deposit)
‘this is non-refundable’
Organist or Pianist$150.00No
Sound Technician$100.00Yes
Wedding Coordinator$100.00Yes
Sanctuary/Chapel Custodian$100.00Yes
Activity Center (non-members)$600.00No
Activity Center (members)$100.00No
Activity Center Deposit
Activity Center Custodian$100.00No
Fellowship Hall (non-members)$300.00No
Fellowship Hall (members)$50.00No
Fellowship Hall Deposit
Fellowship Hall Custodian$50.00No
Kitchen Coordinator$85.00No
Pre-Marital Counseling (non-members)$250.00Yes
Pre-Marital Counceling (members)$135.00Yes

*** All deposits are due 2 weeks of being notified that your wedding has been approved.  All remaining fees and your marriage license are due to the Church Office no later than two weeks prior to the wedding rehearsal.  Fees are payable by personal check, cash, cashier’s check or money order.***