Worship at Taylorsville UMC

Worship is an encounter with the grace and power of God revealed through Jesus Christ.  We use many traditional means such as music played on a piano and/or organ; although we also have handbill choirs, a woodwind choirs, and use other instruments.  And sometimes the Rhythm Ramblers (a blue grass band) leads worship.  We usually sing out of a hymnal, but sometimes we use other music, too.


We have written responses in a worship folder we sometimes call a bulletin.  Dress is usually informal and casual.  The choir may be in a robe, but the person beside you in the pew may be in jeans and a sweatshirt.  People often clap to express their joy in being blessed, but sometimes we pause in humble solitude, too.


We believe an encounter with God’s Spirit usually leads to acts of witness and service in the week to come.  So we offer a variety of ministries and community service opportunities for people to express their devotion to God through helping others.  Come and check us out.   Could it be that this is the place for which you have been searching?