Welcome to the Y Campus!


We believe that gathering together to worship God is one of the ways that we, as a community, learn how to be followers of Jesus.  Each Sunday morning at 9:30 we gather together in the relaxed atmosphere of the gymnasium of the Y at the Heights to encounter God and be re-energized for the coming week.



We believe that God has richly blessed us and the proper response to God’s grace is to obey his command to give of our time, our talents, and our treasures.  When we make it a priority to give of ourselves, our eyes and hearts are opened to receive a greater blessing.  Serving others is one of the ways that we as a community learn how to be followers of Jesus.



We believe that spending time each day in prayer and bible study is essential for growing in Christlikeness, so we make it a priority to study the Bible together in small groups of mutual accountability that meet throughout the week in many different locations.



We believe that the one call that every Christian shares is to go and make disciples of Jesus Christ.  The instruction from Jesus to go is contained within the promise that Jesus is the ultimate authority of the cosmos and that he has promised to stay near to us.  Encouraged by this promise, we invite others into the high stakes life of discipleship.